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Live: PITCH! Wednesday, September 28th! Adam Wade! Nora Burns! Brandon Wetherbee! …and special guest Editor, Brian Moylan of Gawker! Hosted by Greg Walloch and Mark Allen!

Wednesday, September 28th, PITCH! will proudly present consummate storyteller Adam Wade (ESPN, Moth-Slam Champion, The Adam Wade from NH Show), the lovely and talented Nora Burns (Unitard, Screening Room, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist), famed talk-show host Brandon Wetherbee (You, Me, Them, Everybody, Brightest Young Things, Washington City Paper) …and SURPRISE GUESTS …all pitting their best ideas against special guest Editor, Brian Moylan of Gawker! Come see some great stories and stand-up, and some great ideas thrown at the notorious! AUDIENCE PITCHES ARE WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED! Come get in line! Come witness the madness! This may be the most scandal-worthy PITCH! yet! Hosted by Greg Walloch and Mark Allen! PITCH! happens at The Lounge @ Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie Street, 9:30 PM. Ticket price: $7. No drink minimum. Showtime: about 90 minutes. (

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“Well, you do call yourselves ‘the filthiest people alive.’ What kind of credit rating do you think that is?” -Cookie Mueller, PINK FLAMINGOS

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Logan’s Run remake…


As a lifetime disciple of the 1976 film Logan’s Run, I’ve been following news of the planned remake for over a decade (it has gone through lots and lots of starts and stops, and a roster of directors). I’m as resignedly eye-rolly about endless “classic” film remakes as the next guy, but when it comes to Logan’s Run, I don’t care how much of a CGI-infested tween-pocalypse it is…bring it on baby! Recently, solid casting news surfaced: Ryan Gosling will play the lead, as Logan 5 (actually, Logan 3, if the director plans on following William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson’s original and quite different 1967 novel more closely than the 1976 film did, which, like all the creators of the previously planned re-makes have stated, he does). I’ve never seen Ryan on screen, but he seems fine to me! Nicolas Winding Refn will direct. The film is slated for a 2014 release.

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My 9/12/11 GOP Debate Reactions…

(via my twitter feed last night. As usual, order is reverse-chronological)

Goodnight GOP debatees. You’re giving the cast of the original BBC TV show THUNDERBIRDS a run for its money. #GOPdebate

Watching the audience boo Paul when he tells the whole truth is truly lame. #GOPdebate

I’m surprised Perry isn’t shooting the Afghani questioner with his coyote-laser gun. She’s right there! #GOPdebate

The Arizona town hall meeting people obviously removed their white hoods before the live video hook-up. #GOPdebate

Perry just pronounced it “d-r-a-g.” #GOPdebate

Bachmann’s crummy, shallow, rah-rah-USA attack on Perry over immigration almost made him seem deep. #GOPdebate
For anyone who’s curious to do the research, Perry’s gay rumors from TX span over a decade, and run as deep as Tom Cruise’s. #GOPdebate

Texas’ heritage to America is a steady supply of dazzling, upwardly-mobile fakes and glorious, winning liars. #GOPdebate

Paul’s frank, brave, honest rationality is always inspiring. How he’s from Texas is beyond me. #GOPdebate

Did you hear that? The mask slipped for a moment. The GOP is the party that proudly cheers for the death of a kid who can’t afford health insurance. #GOPdebate

Cain just answered the question “How will you decrease health care costs?” with, “Repeal! Obamacare! In! Its! Entirety!” to screaming applause…and the GOP wonders why most of America won’t take them seriously. #GOPdebate

Santorum just frothed Perry! #GOPdebate

I still dream of giving Rick Perry a pearl necklace. #GOPdebate

Blitzer’s the Wizard, Paul is the Scarecrow, Perry’s the Tin Man, Cain is the Lion, and Romney is Dorothy (Bachmann is Toto). #GOPdebate

I hope no one was planning on playing a drinking game every time Gingrich scowled the phrase “liberal media” tonight. He’s the last guy on Earth to finally stop doing that. #GOPdebate

I’m surprised the Tea Party Teens speaker kid didn’t have a backwards “B” carved in his cheek. #GOPdebate

Perry’s Texas job-creation claim can be exposed as false with 5 minutes of research by anyone with half a brain who can get one eye open (that would be most of the Tea Party!) #GOPdebate

Perry is the biggest offender AND lightening rod of the night. #GOPdebate

Next to Perry’s Texas bombast, Romney is wilting like Liz Taylor at an outdoor calf-brain BBQ on Reata Ranch. #GOPdebate

Romney’s tired payphone/smartphone analogy is lamer than Huntsman’s Nirvana-coddling. #GOPdebate

I love the enthusiastic audience. I’m waiting for Blitzer to invite a screaming soccer mom down to spin the Big Price Wheel. #GOPdebate

The GOP claims to hate “political correctness,” but their candidates & pundits speak in the same type of applause-seeking platitudes that the lefty P.C.-police of the early-90’s did. #GOPdebate

Sandra Jones from Yorktown, VA rules. #GOPdebate

Oop! She sprung to life. Here come the platitudes. #GOPdebate

Someone check Bachmann’s pulse! #GOPdebate

Gingrich just said “Obama scares old people in this country every day.” He left out the word “white.” Sorry, but it’s true. #GOPdebate

Huntsman just name-dropped Kurt Cobain. Will republicans EVER be cool? #GOPdebate

I’d say at least one candidate can flash their boobs to draw attention away from Perry at this point, but I think Gingrich is too modest. #GOPdebate

Ohhh… tonight is very much about a Romney vs. Perry slugfest. Extra points for Brylcreem-licking. #GOPdebate

Bachmann’s hair looks like that episode of SEINFELD where they installed lo-flo showers in Jerry’s building. #GOPdebate

Perry’s swagger doesn’t come from Texas, it is natural cantilever pendulum momentum from his egg-like torso (which comes from Texas). #CNNdebate

Is this Bernard Herrmann’s score for PSYCHO or John Williams’ score for JAWS CNN is ripping off? #GOPdebate

CNN’s introductory photo of Rick Perry was laughably unflattering. Pretty hard to do considering the other candidates. #GOPdebate.

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My 9/11 Photos…

Memories of ten years ago: these are the photos I took the morning and night of September 11th, 2001, when I still lived in downtown NYC. The first set are from the Lower East Side that morning, the second set are from when my friend Gregory and I wandered around a loosely-guarded “ground zero” that night at the World Trade Center. The webpage, words and photos have remained unchanged (at my old site) since I hurriedly put them up on the web that day.


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RIP George Kuchar

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Googling obscure references is exhausting…

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Love and thanks to our snazzy Editor, seasoned performers and eclectic and involved audience for creating last night’s PITCH! …our most intimate and intense one yet! Y’all are awesome! xo


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