Swimming Pool, 1989. Directed by Mark Allen. Starring Mark Allen. 1/2 inch VHS; 6 minutes, 21 seconds; color; sound.

This was a spontaneous, solitary creation. I shot the video alone it at my parent’s suburban Dallas house one weekend when they weren’t home. Then I edited the footage in the (spooky) middle of the night, deep within the cavernous hallways of the University of North Texas RTV&F department editing rooms, with occasional help on the deck from anyone who happened to wander in. The editing was inspired by Jean-Luc Godard MTV, and the overall style was inspired by 80’s Helmut Newton Falcon videos. I added the beginning title just now.

UPDATE: That YouTube link was kinda harsh-looking, here’s a clearer version on Vimeo (linked above too). If you still want the old YT version it’s here.