Mark Allen Photo Gallery 2

This collection of photographs was taken by me sporadically during 2001 and 2002 with a Hewlett Packard Photo Smart #C8452A digital camera. The pictures are of my life here in New York City, my friends, my month-long road trip around the United States in November of 2001, and my recent trip to Paris in May of 2002.

The titles of the photographs remain the spontaneous and cryptic titles I gave them while unloading my camera's disc onto my hard drive, and have not been changed. They are arranged here in alphabetical order for no other reason than to be as bullshitless as possible. The navigation arrows (the 'ass' for backwards and the 'eye' for forwards) will lead you through each photo one by one and the entire collection. There is an alphabetized list at the bottom of each page with a link to each photo.

My aesthetic, motivations and approach to the craftsmanship of my photography here are obvious. If you have questions or comments about my photos feel free to email me.