The Flying Lizards: Articles/Interviews/Reviews:

"I Did It My Way"- by Simon Tebbutt, appeared in Record Mirror, August 25th, 1979

"Cybernauts in the Cultural Marketplace" - by Steve Taylor, appeared in Melody Maker, February 9th, 1980

"The Flying Lizards: Visiting the Reptile House" - by Mark Ellen, appeared in Smash Hits, 1980

"Fear of Reptiles"- by Penny Valentine, appeared in Creem, May, 1980

"Flying Lizards: the Man Behind the Concept" - by Stephen Holden, appeared in Rolling Stone, May 15th, 1980

"I Am the Lizards King" - by Ian Pye, appeared in Melody Maker, January 10th, 1981

"The Price of Success: David Cunningham's Money Management" - by Neil Strauss, appeared in Option, 1996

"The Flying Lizards: A Pop Band Arranged According to the Laws of Chance" - by Mark Allen, appeared in Sound Collector #6, April 2001

"In 1979, the Flying Lizards Recorded a Top Ten Hit for $30" - an interview with David Cunningham by Mark Allen, Vice magazine, August 2013


The Flying Lizards LP - by Jon Savage, appeared in Melody Maker, February 2nd, 1980

Fourth Wall - by Edward L. Fox, appeared in NME, June 20th, 1981

Fourth Wall - by John Gill, appeared in Sounds, 1981