The Flying Lizards: Links

Piano Label - Label started by David in 1976 (it's first release was Grey Scale). Still active today with lots of current artists and projects as well as most of David's solo releases. Lots to explore here, this is a good starting point.

Activated Space - David Cunningham's ongoing sound installation project. Contains detailed documentation, including sound and video clips, as well as information on upcoming installations.

David Cunningham/Flying Lizards Discography - Excellent discography compiled by Jeff Hall and other contributors. It's text only but is very detailed, including all Cunningham's solo works, past Flying Lizards members' side projects, all compilation appearances, etc. (stopped updating in 1999).

Interview with David Cunningham from 1984 - Interview by Mick Sinclair. Done for a 1984 issue of ZigZag magazine to correspond with the release of Top Ten.

David Cunningham's "The Listening Room" Instillation - Essay and documentation of conversation between David Cunningham, Stephen Mallaghan and Conor Kelly concerning David's sound instillation "The Listening Room." This interview/article was written by David Cunningham for Transcript magazine.

Interview with Deborah Lizard (Deborah Evans) from 1982 - Interview by Mick Sinclair. Done for a 1982 issue of Sounds. Deborah talks about a lot of strange/funny things.

Interview with Deborah Lizard - Done in 2001, this is an interview with Deborah done by an online magazine She talks about her past with The Flying Lizards and things she's involved in now. Her last name now appears to be Stickland.

Snatch - Patti Palladin is the vocalist/colaborator with David Cunningham for the Fourth Wall LP. This was one of her most famous other bands/projects.

Sally Peterson - Want to know what Sally Peterson, the vocalist for the Top Ten, did post-Flying Lizards? (this is an archived webpage from 2001)

Trouser Press Record Guide - Here's Trouser Press' write-up of The Flying Lizards.

Flying Lizards/David Cunningham history - Written by Piero Scaruffi. In Italian, but if you can translate it, it's a very well written piece.

Wikipedia - The Flying Lizards Wikipedia entry.

...and enter "The Flying Lizards" into video hosting sites like YouTube for archived videos for "Money," "TV," "Dizzy Miss Lizzie" and others (you might have to search around for the real ones - but they are out there), as well as early "live" television music show performances. I'd post the links here but they're always changing.