Bertrand Santini from France ( already sent me these three... wow!
He did one in English, one in French, and one he sent me a few hours later which he thought was "better" somehow. Merci Bertrand!

                                                                                                                                                                                               artwork: Bertrand Santini

                                                                                                                                                                                               artwork: Bertrand Santini

                                                                                                                          artwork: Bertrand Santini

Timothy Piotrowski of sent me this one of the gorgonzola cheese eating, smelly-cunted, pig-nosed, round-rumped harem (see the course hair on their breasts?):

artwork: Timothy Piotrowski

Brion Mogh (aka: Squirrel) sent me this one of the king's amazing transparent leather glasses:

artwork: Brion Mogh (aka: Squirrel)

Some mystery man named Asher Lev sent in this drawing with flat rat photo collages of the starving people's pounded-out flat rat shawls:

artwork: Asher Lev

Jeff Wietor (of sent me this word/image/digital collage thingy,
and then the one below this one as well, which is very different.

artwork: Jeff Wietor

artwork: Jeff Wietor

Sam Stern of the great sent me this goofball drawing of the royal advisor. Pantsless!

artwork:Sam Stern

Harald Seiwert sent me this GREAT one of the king just after announcing the Nothing Cake to his court in Part Two. Harald has a really fascinating "virtual museum" of all his digital art (click here to see it).

artwork: Harald Seiwert

Brion Mogh sent me this image of the shifty-eyed royal advisor's face during the passage "I'm just going to smile and hope for salvation,
in this sad, regrettable hour of desperation!" It's an animated GIF: