This used to be a cam site, hence the url. 
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My "TOP TEN" - (updated sort of weekly)
UPDATED 6/6/06: Carrie III? 5/9/06: Male anorexics: meet Cheyenne 3/27/06 Jim's fashion photography 3/1/06: Kenny G and me  2/20/06: Famous movie locations found on GoogleEarth 2/13/06: The Backs of Women's Heads In Movies 1/30/06: Killer history 1/16/06: "I Wrapped a Giant Condom Over Jesse Helms' House"
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Selected/collected cam shots from this site
(a history of this site's visual past, gallery 17 is the latest)

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Other essays I have written: 
"The Teacher Who Influenced
Me the Most in High School"
(long text version)
"The Cyber Crush/The Cyber Crutch"
(read about this article in WIRED
watch this piece on TechTV)
"I Suffered Stendhal Syndrome
at Universal Studios Hollywood!"
(long text version)
"Tonight It's Going To Be All
About Not Being All About Me"
(a love letter to my readers)
"It's Not Gonna Be OK"
"I Had Sex With a Kinko's 
Copies Crack Head!"
(part l of ll)
"The Nothing, Nothing, Nothing Cake"
(a fable)
"My Ass"
"A Night To Remember"
(a partially plagiarized response letter)
"You Broke My Plastic
Japanese Menagerie!"
"The Day I Was Protested Against"
(it should happen once in every lifetime)
"My Wallace Langham Daydream"
(in screenplay form, parts I & II of IV)
(an examination of the often mis-understood 
conservative southernspeak and it's audial 
Photographs I have taken:
My 9/11 photos (that day)
(downtown NYC, September 11th, 
9:30AM - 8PM)
My 9/11 photos (that night)
(in and around 'ground zero,' 
September 11th, 10PM - 1AM)
A random gallery of
photos I have taken
(added 9/28/02)
An earlier random gallery
of photos I have taken
NYC filming locations from
Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver"
(then and now)
A bunch of photos I took
in the Catskill Mountains

My interviews with disabled people:
Robert Feinstein
David Cook
Greg Walloch
(cerebral palsy and famous)
(lost his left leg)
(too skinny)
(lost most of right arm)

Unethical mad scientist experiments:
Abu Ghraib... was it torture, or was it art?
(you decide!)
My "Ultimate Disguise"
(see you around town ...SUCKERS!!!)
"The Jar" - what would happen if you put 
a bunch of gross stuff in a jar? 
(we found out)
Pedestrian Spy!
(a surveillance junkie's wet dream!)
Robot love! 
(My non-touching, digital "cyber" date 
with Bryan of
Gregory: the boy in the plastic bubble
Win a mind-altering, brain washing radio
(by proving you don't exist)
Send me your drunk driving stories!
Trips I have taken:
Unearthing the hidden boxes of 
forgotten "webwork" novelist 
Harry Stephen Keeler
(at Colombia University)
Columbine High School
(my brief visit)
Bragging report and photo journal from
my photography exhibit in Paris
(May 2002)
"My Trip to the Middle of Nowhere" (part 1)
(December 1999 - January 2000)
"My Trip to the Middle of Nowhere" (part 2)
(December 1999 - January 2000)
"My Trip to the Edge of Somewhere"
(road trip around entire USA, 
Nov. 2001 - photo collage only)
Build-up to my "Trip To 
the Edge of Somewhere"
(summer 2001)
Central Park at night
(who dares? me and Trucker John do)

What do I do for a living? (day job)
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 My significant other:
Jim Krewson - artist!

            Irregular Features:
          oMy dream journal
          oI respond to email from viewers!

            People Who Have Foolishly Let Me Interview Them:
            oDaniel: "The Maze Guy"
            oNathan Gluck - (mentor to Andy Warhol and chock full o' stories brilliant guy)

            People Who Have Foolishly Interviewed Me:
            oMe In Unzipped magazine
            oRob from merry 'ole England grills me - (of
            oJhames grills me - (of
            oIN Magazine grills me
            oJoel grills me about my dream journal - (Joel is from France)
            oHenry Flesh grills me for The New York Press

            Shit I See On the Streets of New York City:
            oPeople and things - ('shit' has lots of meanings)

            "It will be art... hard core art!"
            o"Model Kit"
            o"For Jim"
            o"What Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?"
            oMy review of Sonic Youth's "NYC Ghosts & Flowers" - (for the deaf)

            Kiss my ass! (when your nose is brown you can really smell the pity!):
            oBuy me DVDs and get zero in return! Loser!

            Uneven, Lopsided, Frustrating, Loose Ends and Leftovers (the reality of life):
            oThings I like! - (this list is very, very, very, old, old, old)
            oHans Fahrmeyer's photos of me
            oMy oft-asked about "Freshmen" porno magazine layout - (enjoy!)
            oMy bedroom wall
             oOld cartoon by George Gozum of golden days gone by...
            oThe visual mazes of Jeff Wietor - "Raincoat TV"
            oThe Parisian blog of Joel
            oGreat, strange, brilliant radio at
            oHey! Look at this comic strip...
            oWanna see a bunch of eyeballs?

            A Website I Made About a Band I Think Were/Are Great:
            oThe Flying Lizards - (geniuses)