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My Sightseeing Photos of Catskill Taken While Jogging

Photos of Catskill Taken While Jogging

The quaint village of Catskill offers hiking, sight-seeing, shopping and a breezy, rustic lifestyle. It’s also a wonderful place for jogging-addicts like me! I decided to take my camera along on one of my daily runs, and capture some photographs of this lovely town. While jogging! Enjoy! (click here for gallery).

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Halloween 2009

Mark Jim

iPhones jammed through skulls and shot gun wedding brides;
Halloween at the Allen/Krewson home, 2009.

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Recent Hair

My Beard

My beard.

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Recent Food

Lasagna Pot Roast Fried Green Beans

Recent homemade lasagna, pot roast and fried green beans recipes (click links for more).

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My recent, completely reasonable, play-by-play Twitter spaz-out during the 2009 Professional Bull Riding World Finals

2009 Pro Bull Riding World Finals in Las Vegas

_MarkAllen #PBR

_MarkAllen Go J.B. Mauney!!! 1034.50 points to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #PBR

_MarkAllen Husband tried to ask a question 5 min. before PBR World Finals start on TV, had his head bitten off. “Away with thee…Football Wife!!” #PBR

_MarkAllen My phone just rang! Whoever dared call me during the PBR World Finals…your number is now BLOCKED!!! #PBR

_MarkAllen Guilherme Marchi rode beautifully. *polite applause* #PBR

_MarkAllen Bob McDonnell’s silver lame-streamed leather chaps? No. #PBR

_MarkAllen Never seen PBR arena so tense, crowded, full of high-tech camera equipment, lights, lasers & fireworks. Where’s robotic Yul Brynner? #PBR

_MarkAllen Kasey Hayes = good ride. Nice tongue Dustin Elliot! #PBR

_MarkAllen This PBR press photo of J.B. Mauney vs. Kody Lostroh would make Warhol blush: ( #PBR

_MarkAllen Compare to (Vivienne Westwood’s Seditionaries/Tom of Finland t-shirt) ( #PBR

_MarkAllen Plus I like that photo because Kody Lostroh’s carb-face is obscured. Boooooo to carb-faced Lostroh! Booooo!!!! #PBR

_MarkAllen Down with Lostroh carb-face! Boooooooo! Long live ectomorphs! #PBR

_MarkAllen Cody McCord is a great rider, but he rarely makes the 8sec mark. I think he’s just too big? #PBR

_MarkAllen J.B. nailed it. Seconds 7 and 8 riding SIDEWAYS!!! #PBR

_MarkAllen Valdiron de Oliveira almost staged an Obama-like coup this year. Almost. Probably would have asked for proof of his birth certificate. #PBR

_MarkAllen The snazzy chaps, hats, spurs, face masks, klieg lights & beefcake make every locker room interview in PBR like a scene from CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC #PBR

_MarkAllen Cody Nance: pancake. And appropriately, followed by Mike Lee…a zombie at this point due to all his injuries this month. #PBR

_MarkAllen Lostroh’s ride was 90pt+ perfect!!! Boooooooooo carb-face!!!!!! #PBR

_MarkAllen I root for J.B. Mauney because he’s one of few PBR top 5 who doesn’t pray to his god after each ride, on camera (Christianobnoxious!) #PBR

_MarkAllen Okay…carb-face Lostroh is the official winner, technically. Mauney is a %1,000,000 more interesting rider, and a better one. #PBR

_MarkAllen Pete Farley is adorable. He looks like a cross between Andy Samberg, and the creature from BASKET CASE. #PBR

_MarkAllen McKennon Wimberly has really recovered since catching his boot spur and tumbling down the backstage stairs last year. SHOWGIRLS drama! #PBR

_MarkAllen Shane Proctor is JB Mauney’s brother-in-law?!?! Weird! Great rider, + I love how he puts fake front tooth in before post-ride interview #PBR

_MarkAllen Best “hat hair” of Pro Bull Riding ’09? Caleb Sanderson vs. J.B. Mauney vs. Kasey Hayes. I’m rooting for Caleb in THAT department! #PBR

_MarkAllen JB Mauney nails the second title. Hear the arena roar for him louder than Lostroh? There’s a reason #PBR

_MarkAllen AAAAeeeeewwwwaaauuuggh!!! Lostroh off at 7.5 and NO SCORE on final ride!!!!! OUCH!!! (but you win, here’s your million dollars) #PBR

_MarkAllen JB Mauney’s a better rider because he wears a feather in his cap. #PBR

_MarkAllen The medical room backstage footage at the PBR arena: a patient laying on a table surrounded by doctors all wearing giant cowboy hats. #PBR

_MarkAllen Now a bull fighter in clown make-up has joined the cowboy hat-wearing doctors. It’s like a FAR SIDE cartoon. #PBR

_MarkAllen *sigh* Let the PBR ’10 season begin! #PBR

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What’s in a URL?
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odd grump, or erect?
GOP drum? erect rod!
ugh, wimp town won’t scoff!
p.c. chat womb! wtf? o, we ok
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we cork mag
ongoing net bib
being big? no, not
watt? *zap!* hmm…own two
mas colon
no macs? Lo!
so calm, no?
go tipe-pin? we withdraww! k?
hmm, went styptic. wow!
twit spy cent! wow! hmm…
ace ed lengthens stylist mommy pix
telexing stylist mom nymphs, ace ed!
hmm, ace ed lynx typesetting isms, lo!
a column drivel swan
column views, ‘la Rand
can mul own drivel, as!
macs copy me
scope my cam
men fix clot

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