Jim Krewson - Feelings Hog

In 2007 Jim made a solo record called Feelings Hog. He was coming off of the informal dissolvement of his previous band, Jim & Jennie & the Pinetops, and segueing into The Blue Ribbon Mountain Boys and other collectives he plays with here in the Catskills region. Many of the bluegrass and old tyme musicians he currently works with are on this recording. All but two of the songs are written by Jim. Some are acoustic versions of old J&J&TPT audience favorites, particularly “This One’s on Me.” Jim has sort of moved-on musically, but I remember him working on this material, and recording it all in our living room in 2007… it brings brings back a lot of memories. The record has a stripped-down, demo feel (which it is) that I like. I realized there was nowhere to even hear it on the web, so I’ve put it here (a downloadable megaupload .zip file here). I’ve also provided a direct mp3 link to “I’ve Put on Makeup Since You’ve Left.” Here is a link to the back cover. The title Feelings Hog came up during a fight we had, and I accused him of being one.

Jim Krewson Feelings Hog (2007)
1. The Big Grey Store
2. This One’s on Me
3. Underage Pussyhounds
4. I’ve Put on Makeup Since You Left
5. Oh, Dinah
6. The Minivan Song
7. No Train to Stockholm
8. Gee, But You’re a Stinker
9. Luang Prabang

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