Rev. Sam A. Adreades and Mark Allen (photo: Jeff Moore)
Praying the gay away...

I was coached by a priest that’s part of an “ex-gay” program in front of a live audience at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater last week, as part of Ken Freedman and Andy Breckman’s excellent Seven Second Delay program. The audio archive of the show is up at the 7SD site, as well as some great photos by Jeff Moore. What happened? Well, the power of Christ is still trying to compel me. A lot of my friends — who were great — came out to see me do comedy, and it was instead this awkward, what-the-hell-is-happening kinda thing. The show was… cringe-y, but interesting. Ken and Andy were their usual showman selves, very fun. Rev. Sam A. Adreades of NYC’s Village Church/G.A.M.E. program was great, and a real sport to come out and put himself on the line like that (we’re having lunch this week, and I’m attending G.A.M.E.’s next meeting). He’s a good guy! Did people laugh? There were some clucking tongues and boos when Sam was discussing his opinions about the Kinsey report. It got a bit tense in the audience at one point, and there was some snickering when Sam was praying for me. People seemed to not know if they should be laughing or not. When I was up there I was thinking “How do I get into these situations?” Only one person after the show (an old activist friend) told me what I did was “irresponsible.” I’m glad I did it. And 7SD is known for this kind of thing. There was an EMT crew standing behind me while it was happening (they were there for the competitive eating guy). At one point Andy Breckman tried to turn me straight by surprising me with old black and white Joey Heatherton footage from The Tonight Show. That didn’t work either.

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