An audio version of my story Losing it at Universal Studios (aka; I Suffered Stendhal Syndrome at Universal Studios, Hollywood!) will be airing on NPR’s daytime program Hearing Voices this week, titled Bad Trip: Your Next Vacation, and hosted as usual by Larry Massett and Barrett Golding. This piece originally aired on All Things Considered in 2003, and was the first piece I ever recorded for NPR. A shorter version aired on ATC back then, but since super-geniuses Larry and Barrett have the master tapes, they’re airing a much longer version here (although my introduction where I explain what Stendhal syndrome is still omitted, see here).

Check the Hearing Voices website for local terrestrial stations and schedules so you can tune in on yer ole’ Bakelite Tabletop 1940’s tuner… or listen on a computer or on yer phone (I’ll post the show mp3 link as soon as it’s available).

UPDATE: Here is the audio link.

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