This is first portion of an ongoing mathematical equation attempting to calculate the current state of Gay New York. As each portion is finished it will be added to the final equation in the appropriate place. Click here to see the equation displayed in a wider, less horizontally challenged page layout. This is a work in progress…

2 Columbus Circleplus9/11 souvenir street vendorsplusa green monkeyplustravelingplusDraculamultiplied bypromiscuityplusThe St. Mark's BathspluscondomsplusJuly 3rd, 1981 New York Times article: plusAIDSplusGMHCplusfearplusLarry KramerplusGMHCplusAct Uppluscondomsplusa bunch of other stuffpluslower HIV infection ratesmultiplied bya cluemultiplied by2 Columbus Circleplus9/11 souvenir street vendorsplusGLAADplusP.W.A.'s public relations advertisementsplusa bunch of other stuffplusthe next generationmultiplied byfunpluspromiscuityplusCrystal Methplusjust using the internetplushigher HIV infection ratesplusfearplusperspectiveplusbrainspluscondomsplusDeathmultiplied byDisneylandplusa bunch of other stuffmultiplied bya cluemultiplied byplusAndy Warholplusthe wax figure of Andy Warhol at Madame Tussauds in Times SquareplusHolly GolightlyplusEdie Sedgwickplusa SnorkplusRupert PupkinplusDippity-DoplusJohn SexplusHolly GolightlyplusEdie Sedgwickmultiplied byVenus of WillendorfplusDiana Dorsplusa Wesselman paintingplusDianne BrillplusHolly GolightlyplusEdie SedgwickplusThe Wonder TwinsplusCousin ItplusEcstasyplusThe It TwinsplusHolly GolightlyplusEdie Sedgwickmultiplied byJanice from The Muppet BandplusNan GoldinplusStephen SprouseplusTeri ToyeplusHolly GolightlyplusEdie Sedgwickplusa step ladderplusHerman MunsterpluswienersplusDean JohnsonplusHolly GolightlyplusEdie SedgwickplusGrace Jonesmultiplied bySharon StoneplusSaran WrapplusPageplusplusHolly GolightlyplusEdie SedgwickplusLeigh BoweryplusstyleplusAndy KaufmanplusvisionplusJohn Wayne GacyplusbrainsplusAngel MelendezplusMichael AligplusplusHolly GolightlyplusPaul plusEdie Sedgwickplusstyleplusbrainsplusvisionplusa billboardplusJason Prestonplusa bunch of other stuffmultiplied bya cluemultiplied byplusChristopher Street Pier QueensplusChristopher Street pavement parkmultiplied bypluswatching The Mrs. Mouth Show on MNN at 2AM while highpluswatching Ann Coulter on FOX at 2AM while highmultiplied byplushaving your wallet stolen at 5AM while in the back room at Jay's Hangoutplushaving your iPhone stolen from your $500 room at Hotel Gansevoortmultiplied byplusdifficulty getting your wheelchair down the stairs at The Bijou at 5AMplususing the elevator access at the Virgin Megastore with ease, anytimemultiplied bypluscruising Stuyvesant Square at 3AM on rollerbladesplusjust using the internetmultiplied byplus$20 for a K-Holeplus$500 for a bleached holemultiplied byplusThe Stonewall Riotsplusorderly lines for the opening of the Union Square Whole FoodsplusOscar Wilde's The Importance of Being EarnestplusQuentin Crisp's The Naked Civil ServantplusJames Baldwin's Giovanni's RoomplusSusan Sontag's Notes on Camp plusa cluemultiplied bya bunch of other stuffplusOneplusAfter DarkplusOutweekplusDiseased Pariah Newsplusthe side of a cereal boxpluswienerspluspornplusa billboardplusHX magazineplusNext magazine plusjust using the internetplusbrainsplusvisionplusperspectiveplusstyleplusa mall plusnothingplusnothingplusnothingplusLance Bass's Out of SyncplusomgBICH c blog w/gr8 ASS? plz wtf?lol w/e g2gplus

plusgay New York City now
…to be continued.