A long time ago… when coin-operated Xerox copiers were the highest of high tech in an otherwise drearily lo-tech world, and versatile home computers were still a wet dream…fans of science fiction brandished colored paper, scissors, glue sticks, staplers, ring binders, pens and ink—to boldly go where no man (or woman) had gone before: the late-70’s / early-80’s science fiction fanzine. With both feet planted firmly within their own earnest interpretations of graphic styles of the present (particularly romance novel cover paintings and, to a larger extent, high school yearbook page layouts), these thrifty fans nevertheless weren’t afraid to look forward at what other people in the present thought the future might look like one day. And they drew, cut and pasted everything they saw. The homespun tomes would lay prostrate, arranged according to genre (each wrapped in glistening shrinkwrap, and hope…and maybe a little bit of The Force), usually splayed across unfolded card tables at science fiction fantasy conventions, hawked quietly by costumed fans planet-wide. These self-published nuggets might have disappeared down a black hole if it hadn’t been for the archive-ally inclined internet, which simultaneously revolutionized science fiction fandom while obliterating many of its older styles…forever. Click (more…) below for a kaleidoscopic cover gallery of pure past paper magic—with web links guiding you to names, dates, auctions, sales and the occasional full-disclosure. [WARNING: about 150 small images will load]

Early fanzines based on Logan’s Run (info on these titles can be found at Vikki’s City of Domes):

Scififanzlogansrun1 Scififanzlogansrun2 Scififanzlogansrun3 Scififanzlogansrun4 Scififanzlogansrun5 Scififanzlogansrun6 Scififanzlogansrun7 Scififanzlogansrun8 Scififanzlogansrun9 Scififanzlogansrun10 Scififanzlogansrun11 Scififanzlogansrun12 Scififanzlogansrun13 Scififanzlogansrun15 Scififanzlogansrun14 Scififanzlogansrun17


Early fanzines based on Star Trek (info on these titles can be found at Ankh Press, New Eye Studio and one here):

Scififanzstartrek10 Scififanzstartrek3 Scififanzstartrek2 Scififanzstartrek5 Scififanzstartrek6 Scififanzstartrek7 Scififanzstartrek8 Scififanzstartrek9 Scififanzstartrek11 Scififanzstartrek12 Scififanzstartrek13 Scififanzstartrek14 Scififanzstartrek15 Scififanzstartrek16 Scififanzstartrek17 Scififanzstartrek18 Scififanzstartrek19 Scififanzstartrek20 Scififanzstartrek21 Scififanzstartrek22 Scififanzstartrek23 Scififanzstartrek24 Scififanzstartrek25 Scififanzstartrek26 Scififanzstartrek1 Scififanzstartrek27


Early fanzines based on Star Wars (info on all these titles can be found at SandCrawler.com):

Scififanzstarwars1 Scififanzstarwars2 Scififanzstarwars3 Scififanzstarwars4 Scififanzstarwars5 Scififanzstarwars6 Scififanzstarwars7 Scififanzstarwars8 Scififanzstarwars9 Scififanzstarwars10 Scififanzstarwars11 Scififanzstarwars12 Scififanzstarwars13 Scififanzstarwars14 Scififanzstarwars15 Scififanzstarwars16 Scififanzstarwars17 Scififanzstarwars18 Scififanzstarwars19 Scififanzstarwars20 Scififanzstarwars21 Scififanzstarwars22 Scififanzstarwars23 Scififanzstarwars24 Scififanzstarwars25 Scififanzstarwars26 Scififanzstarwars27 Scififanzstarwars30 Scififanzstarwars31 Scififanzstarwars32 Scififanzstarwars33 Scififanzstarwars34 Scififanzstarwars35 Scififanzstarwars36 Scififanzstarwars37 Scififanzstarwars38 Scififanzstarwars39 Scififanzstarwars40 Scififanzstarwars41 Scififanzstarwars42 Scififanzstarwars43 Scififanzstarwars44 Scififanzstarwars45 Scififanzstarwars46 Scififanzstarwars47 Scififanzstarwars48 Scififanzstarwars49 Scififanzstarwars50 Scififanzstarwars51 Scififanzstarwars52 Scififanzstarwars53 Scififanzstarwars54 Scififanzstarwars55 Scififanzstarwars56 Scififanzstarwars57 Scififanzstarwars58 Scififanzstarwars59 Scififanzstarwars60 Scififanzstarwars61 Scififanzstarwars62 Scififanzstarwars63 Scififanzstarwars64 Scififanzstarwars65 Scififanzstarwars67 Scififanzstarwars68 Scififanzstarwars69 Scififanzstarwars70 Scififanzstarwars71 Scififanzstarwars72 Scififanzstarwars73 Scififanzstarwars74 Scififanzstarwars75 Scififanzstarwars76 Scififanzstarwars77 Scififanzstarwars78 Scififanzstarwars79 Scififanzstarwars80 Scififanzstarwars81 Scififanzstarwars82 Scififanzstarwars83 Scififanzstarwars84 Scififanzstarwars85 Scififanzstarwars86 Scififanzstarwars87 Scififanzstarwars88 Scififanzstarwars89 Scififanzstarwars91 Scififanzstarwars92 Scififanzstarwars66 Scififanzstarwars93


Early fanzines based on Dark Shadows (more info on these titles can be found at Inside The Old House):

Scififanzdarkshadows1 Scififanzdarkshadows2 Scififanzdarkshadows3 Scififanzdarkshadows4


Early fanzines based on Dr. Who (more info about these titles can be found at DrGaz’s Stuff and The Time/Space Visualiser Archive):







Early fanzines based on Quantum Leap (info on these titles can be found at Outpost Mavarin):

Scififanzquantumleap1 Scififanzquantumleap2 Scififanzquantumleap3