Subject: Earth was a scandal. My double in NY shone his plug-ons 4 my wife Madonna.
From: “Mark Allen?
Date: Tue, April 4, 2006 8:28 am
Priority: Normal

“The naming of Cats is a difficult matter. It isn’t just one of your every day games. You may think that I’m (Mark’s) as M.a.d. as a hatter??? But what’s in a name? Who will it be? Who will it be??

(The addressing of Cats. [The {allocation} of Cats.] T.S. Elliott/ Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats.)

Cardboard – DUMP.
Laminate – RAISE.

Apple Core – DUMP.
Shiny Pear – RAISE.

Virgin Mary – RAISE.
Non-Virgin Mary – Stoned in other closest dimension. Dead. Non- Virgin Mary horny anyhow, creates copy anyhow…Shhh! Mary Magdalene quietly to transporter 2000 please. No, this new door please. No pre-wash, digital scan for digital man as of now please. Fuck the miniature crystal microscopy, are you mad……I want to orb there before my beard grows back. You know how super lovers attract attention even at the quietest gates, but God aint here again and I don’t know if he has enough evidence to get us through the final eliminations. I’m still trading under the J and C initials they allocated me and these M.D.A. one’s don’t seem as “Lovey? on the other side than they were hyped up to be. Gina Reilly and Kylie Minogue have enough trouble keeping their goodies de-magnetised from their negative counter parts and Madonna has all her pockets jamm packed with V, X and the other parts of MDA or Love that she obviously thought were more important than they actually turned out to manifest. I’m way bored of explaining even before I’ve begun but and a whole heap of other knock-offs don’t compare to the best one who knows exactly what photos to stream into the once again new upgraded re-re added Cher’s touring again information that nobody seems to give a stuff about in every city in every galaxy anyhow.

Smile for the internet flying camera’s, but anyone who can’t determine when we are being sincere or sarcastic is probably trying to belittle a crap negative thought I’d probably explained seven times before in different pictures, quotes, e-mails, faxes and everything else you’ve also tried to do but……….


a few quotes, personal photos of a foreign 1 wall short spanned art exhibition and a few newspaper headings are………..



BUT HERE’S HOW IT WORKS…The final key remains with me. You DON’T want it. It returns along the safer Holy doors for speed and cost efficiency to be saved even more for the new world eternity or whenever we choose to leave. Some things, as I’m sure you’re aware, can and can’t be done, so we trade places with each other, pop stars..going up to..people on the street and large crowd scans which all get re-allocated at any future mediatations, either easily or tightly pulled for non-novices.

For example, you have the nose hair/mucous samples but I have the meth samples of minute optic wires to be analysed and not even confirmed. On top of that, you may send it to a lab with dodgy technicians. So I therefore have the lab degree to have my own people do the testing (even multiple testing could have all manipulated results.) But then you back me up by having the industry experience, whereby I have the letters i sent anyhow, dated, which were never returned under the Messianic e-mail of but always for when I was sending normal employment applications for jobs to see which company would hire me or try to get me in for an interview just to p**s me off. But bam! You’re in the Hilton matrix, um, as per M A Cum.comb, on the stairs, we all know that, and onto Hilton Stage 2, trying to work out why Paris is trying to re-trace your vow of poverty mission from the East American Coast To the North American coast? Kylie’s dressing up like Madonna, Elton’s bagging Cher and Once again today I, Mark Allen, am being blamed for faeces, World Hunger and every disease that causes no good cash flow back to the polite Nazi’s at the Commonwealth games opening passing the keys and burning flame through the swatch sticker that every body thinks is yet another piece of weird art.

Yawn. Boring.

Be like, short and consistent.

Who needs reverse messages in Every Madonna etc. song when no one wants to listen unless forced. You call it “Making your Mark, over coming challenges?, I call it “f__king humiliating, I’ll take your money here, but do your non-monetary business somewhere else. Then we’ll see who’s slamming. I don’t do whore forever.?

What good is it to have the reverse messages of Mozart’s Requiem when everyone’s telepathic except me but I have to go 6 years over deadline just to proove a fact that “we can take it.? Be careful Hollywood, diss me or Mark this time, we have websites. I don’t want to be a bitch anymore. Madonna still keeps signing but not doing, so let’s see who the “Real? Mark Allen double is. or the one that mirrored himself back reversed on himself and then said that he wasn’t there anymore:

Go sik him tiger…..Grrr! We know false images when we see them….or do we? Which witch is which?

I’m giving you a few days before I e-mail the other Mark Allen’s, “I believe in you? (Kylie Minogue, future sister)

Over typing.

Your way’s much quicker. F__king bandwidth.

Now use that radio station don’t stop till we’re both on the Six O Clock news from North to West of the globe.

This might help you Ha Ha HA HA HA

Take this hand full of celebrities and mix them round. Madonna f’d me round for years, but now I’m moving to this one. When you’ve got no one to turn to, and everyone’s work is over-done, Then only Mark Allen sprinkled with christ_tales can succeed with WWW.MARKANDMADONNA.COM

mERRY cHRISTMAS sEXY…fROM yOURSELF. (Spell check overun, send quickly, dinner, pipe, relax,..)

E-MAIL:, (Aust-in, Side Knee, Me-Lbo-U-R-Ne) A-US-TRAIL-LA

Character List:

Australia: Mark Allen (23 Years) Brunette.
London: Mr. Harlee De Vaal.(2 Years, incl millenium) Incl. Ibiza,
Spain/Amstedam/Christiania dr*g commune Copenhagen, Sweden, America (NYC-Las
Vegas-SF-Gas Lamp District-Tihjuana2dayer (bribed police on dr*g charges, more than once, Gas Lamp District, SF-London)
Mykonos, Greece: Red (3 months, reduced season)
Japan: Red (6 hours, get me out of here!). Blond
San Francisco: 2 years, brunette, after week 3. Incl. travel to Reno, Chicago,
Boston, Sandwich, Provence Town, NYC 2 ID, working visa, back to Sf with last of money with forever excuse of making huge pounds in London.
Hollywood: 2 years. Many parties Hollywood Hills, not City or downtown.
Bus trip to Reno again, Chicago, Towards Montreal, can’t get through Canadian New offices/computers border with old crumpled photo of Passport, taxied back to American Old cluttered departmet/1980’s computer’s side for processing so Canada didn’t have to pay.

Extended three weeks of prison into six just to be difficult, which gave me a chance to provoke trouble, be moved around three cells and write a 12 page letter with song diagrams of the labeeled CD’s in my bag in Forward and Reverse order saying why I was in america in the first place, to be kidnapped by aliens who make me say ridiculous things which promote them and belittle me for an extra sniff in the afternoon, travelling about 8 times between SF and La which is the Golden Gate and the City of Lost Angels. Yawn.

He was all pleased to get out of the Offices of Foreign affairs and up to the snowy prison with hotel room for the “we never get many from Australia requesting to see someone from our New York Offices very often. I jumped at the chance to meet you.? “Good, we have a lot to cover. I’ve undercovered all the conspiracies in the prison system here for you. I’ve written them down for you. There’s a four page copy in the Governer’s hall which is that shiny window right over there, and names of prison guards and prisoners involved are safe in my cell. I’ll send you a copy of the next 38 pages, I would have bought it to the interview room, but I haven’t signed it at the bottom yet and you are not allowed to go back to get it, you know that. So after you give me mailing address, name, e-mail and business card, I’ll send it to you. I’ll also require the name of your correspondants in Australia and make sure youi answering machine is answered every day. Sorry about the ugly mohawk on me, but they took my second photo’s for my temp passport to get me out of here. Oh, of course I’ll be having double police escort home, you can’t just wave me off at San Francisco. …And don’t complain, you had two chances to nab me in SF and LA. you’ll need to check the police report, one titled, The Messiah called out of Maverick records who just sits out the front with Madonna, Diana and Kylie books, waiting for deportation after 4 yaers on a 3 week visa, but unable for a ‘different department’, and the “turn right through this doorway, coin path office? SF bus terminal strangle episode after being dropped off at 11:50 closing at 12 How do you say and alien kidnapped you for the last 3 months: jail and back onto the street, here’s your passport, door’s that way.

Yawn crack. Whip. Call.

Aust Syd NSW 0*** *** ***
+61 *** *** ***

“Every Little Thing That You Say Or Do, I’m Hung Up. I’m Tired of Waiting on you.?

Only Mark Allen will do.

got it.

If he screws me over, .com is the man.


Surprise Mark Allen. No one knows you better than you. Madonna sends her love. Trust